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Federal Civilian

Federal Civilian

Efficient and Effective Government Services Start with Collaboration

Federal agencies are increasingly under pressure to deliver higher levels of program performance through their information technology investments within constrained agency budgets. This is due to a greater need for efficient, effective government services as well as information sharing and collaboration. Streamlined budgets have Federal agencies working on solutions to implement more effective service and information discovery and reuse capabilities.

Microsoft SharePoint has become a vital enterprise information sharing and collaboration platform tool to ensure information superiority for Federal agencies and facilitate the delivery of common services to citizens. With the need for agile operations and budget cuts, agencies cannot afford to have SharePoint deliver less than optimal results and reliability.

Develop Efficient, Effective, and Secure Collaboration

While SharePoint can provide an effective, efficient, and repeatable approach to implementing collaboration and information sharing within the Federal government, managing the underlying infrastructure is challenging. For agencies to minimize total cost of ownership, meet increasingly demanding compliance requirements, and optimize their collaboration environments they will need a fully integrated data protection, storage, and management solution. AvePoint Public Sector’s products, solutions, and services help Federal agencies optimize their SharePoint deployments by centralizing personnel management, mitigating security breaches and compliance infractions, attaining a higher level of transparency, ensuring greater accountability to constituents, and reducing operational cost.

Ensure Information Security for Successful Missions

AvePoint Public Sector will help agencies deliver consistency, discipline, and control through cross-domain governance of SharePoint environment by reducing risk created by SharePoint’s features including MySites, Team Sites, and Wikis – as well as other widely used features such as document libraries and enterprise content management sites – to potentially expose sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), classified information, or otherwise non-compliant content. AvePoint Public Sector enables the Federal government to provide broader and more secure access to data and information for better communication between citizens and government.

Success Stories

  • Department of Transportation

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Department of State

An agency within the Department of Transportation used DocAve to migrate multiple terabytes of data from Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a short period of time. The agency also used DocAve SharePoint Management tools to help manage SharePoint's growth from an initial 30 end-users to more than 42,000 today.

A department within the Veterans Affairs used DocAve to eliminated site sprawl by reducing the number of sites in its SharePoint environment by 90 percent, from 1,000 to 100, and slashed the time required to administer permissions and security settings across the environment by 98 percent. The network also lessened data recovery times by 90 percent and saved 7.5 business days' worth of work through automated content migration with DocAve Content Manager.

A bureau within the Department of State (DoS) centralized management of its SharePoint deployment and protected its data with the DocAve Software Platform. Additionally, the bureau utilized the platform to move content between development and production environments more efficiently. Currently, DocAve is deployed in multiple DoS bureaus and embassies in the U.S. and overseas.

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