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State & Local

State & Local

Open and Responsive Governments Start with Collaboration

Due to increasing citizen demands, state and local governments are under pressure to be more open and responsive than ever. Optimized collaboration and productivity are essential to providing more accessible and transparent public services.

Microsoft SharePoint has become a vital enterprise collaboration and social platform for many state and local governments. With agile operations and streamlined budgets, governments cannot afford to have SharePoint deliver less than optimal results and reliability.

Develop Efficient and Secure Collaboration

Burdened with over-extended IT resources possessing limited SharePoint experience or knowledge to manage "out-of-the-box" or PowerShell solutions, the biggest challenge faced by state and local governments is ensuring that IT services are delivered according to increasing constituent demands.

The operational resources and capital expenditures required to alleviate such burdens can threaten the viability of many state and local governments. Therefore, it is critical to properly plan, architect, and deploy solutions to ensure the platform performs at its peak levels, is well protected, and efficiently managed. AvePoint Public Sector’s products, solutions, and services help state and local governments throughout the country optimize their SharePoint deployments by centralizing personnel management, mitigating security breaches and compliance infractions, attaining a higher level of transparency, ensuring greater accountability to constituents, and reducing operational cost.

Ensure Governments Meet the Needs of its Citizens

There is no "one-size-fits-all" SharePoint management and governance solution for state and local governments. However, our unified management platform which facilitates lifecycle management of on-premises infrastructure – when combined with embracing new technologies such as cloud computing – can help IT operate at optimal efficiency while supporting the complex needs of today’s government.

Success Stories

  • New York

  • Connecticut

  • Colorado

  • Georgia

A New York State Office kept sensitive information out of SharePoint with DocAve Content Shield and monitored user activity with DocAve Auditor in order to meet compliance objectives. The organization also protected its SharePoint data with DocAve Backup and Restore.

A state agency in Connecticut migrated 100 gigabytes (GB) of data from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with DocAve Migrator, restructuring content upon migration to give the environment a new look and feel. In addition to enhancing SharePoint permission management for a large user base with DocAve Administrator, the department was also able to stream large media files without burdening SharePoint's content database using DocAve Connector.

A state agency in Colorado migrated 100 GB of data to SharePoint 2010 with DocAve Migrator. On the new platform, the department streamlined its process for moving content, customizations, and configurations from test to production environments using DocAve Content Manager and DocAve Deployment Manager.

A state agency in Georgia protected its critical SharePoint data with DocAve Backup and Restore. In order to access SharePoint 2010's new features and functionality, the department utilized DocAve Migrator to simplify its 100 GB data migration.

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