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Case Studies

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMS improves its PHI compliance while boosting SharePoint Adoption

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Governance Automation, Compliance

How the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services improved compliance and increased SharePoint adoption with AvePoint Compliance Guardian, Governance Automation and DocAve.


U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State Manages and Protects Microsoft SharePoint Environment for 30,000 Users with AvePoint

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Reporting, Backup Services, Migration, Compliance, Management

Learn how the U.S. Department of State scanned SharePoint for sensitive information, scheduled automatic backups, and quickly recovered lost data with full fidelity.


Airways New Zealand

Airways New Zealand: Office 365 Compliance Done Right

Platform and Products: Office 365, Backup Services

Learn how Airways New Zealand, New Zealand's air traffic control and navigation service provider, became a prime example of compliance done right thanks to AvePoint solutions.


City of Adelaide

City of Adelaide IT Modernisation with Office 365

Platform and Products: Office 365, Management, Migration

Learn how the City of Adelaide migrated over 30 GB of data to SharePoint Online in 4 days while providing 24/7 availability to their 800 users anytime, anywhere with AvePoint DocAve Migrator and DocAve Content Manager.



LPBK M-V Enhances Microsoft® SharePoint® Content Reorganization and Reporting Capabilities with DocAve®

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Reporting, Migration

Learn how LPBK M-V used DocAve to reorganize SharePoint environment with full fidelity and generate usage reports on consumption of internal communications.


Westdeutsche Lotterie

Westdeutsche Lotterie Moves, Backs up, and Granularly Recovers Microsoft® SharePoint® Content with DocAve®

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Backup Services, Migration

Learn how Westdeutsche Lotterie's IT team scheduled automatic backups and moved SharePoint content with full fidelity in less time using AvePoint solutions.


Thurston County

Thurston County Saves Hundreds of Hours Per Year Automatically Synchronizing Microsoft SharePoint Content Updates to Website with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Management

Find out how the government of Thurston County, Washington simplified the process of publishing changes to its public website by using SharePoint and DocAve Replicator.


City of Bloomington

City of Bloomington Retains all Metadata and Reduces Time to Migrate to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 by 80% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Migration

Learn how City of Bloomington expedited its SharePoint migration and met important compliance objectives with DocAve.


Dell Services Federal Government

Dell Services Federal Government Saves $25,000 and Reduces a 4 TB Microsoft SharePoint Content Database by 88% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Management

Learn how Dell Services Federal Government optimized its SharePoint environment and experienced significant cost savings in the process.


Hawke Bay Regional Council

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Cuts Time to Restore Microsoft SharePoint Data by 99% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup Services

Learn how Hawke's Bay Regional Council protected SharePoint data for its website, extranet, intranet, and document management environments.