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Case Studies

Dell Services Federal Government

Dell Services Federal Government Saves $25,000 and Reduces a 4 TB Microsoft SharePoint Content Database by 88% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Management

Learn how Dell Services Federal Government optimized its SharePoint environment and experienced significant cost savings in the process.


Hawke Bay Regional Council

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Cuts Time to Restore Microsoft SharePoint Data by 99% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup Services

Learn how Hawke's Bay Regional Council protected SharePoint data for its website, extranet, intranet, and document management environments.


Railway Procurement Agency

Railway Procurement Agency Restores Microsoft SharePoint Data in Seconds and Saves Two Hours per Week for Administrator with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup Services

Find out how Railway Procurement Agency effectively met Service Level Agreements for SharePoint data protection while saving time with DocAve.


Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle Satisfies Recovery Time Objectives for 2 TB Microsoft SharePoint Deployment and Restores Data 99% Faster with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup Services, Management

Learn how the Port of Seattle utilizes DocAve to swiftly restore lost or deleted content for endusers as well as simplifies the view and removal of permissions and accounts for individuals no longer with the organization in its SharePoint 2010 deployment.


Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Simplifies Microsoft SharePoint Management with DocAve and Saves 75% on Administrative Expenses

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Management, Migration

Learn how Alberta Urban Municipalities Association saved time managing SharePoint and enabled end users to access personal files from anywhere in the world.


Kern County Sheriff’s Office

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Reduces Data Stored in Microsoft SharePoint Content Databases by 84% with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2010, Backup Services, Management

Learn how Kern County Sheriff's Office improved SharePoint performance by optimizing storage and quickly recovered data through one centralized platform.


Ichihara City

Ichihara City Simplifies Microsoft SharePoint Permissions Management for 2,250 Users with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Reporting, Management, Backup Services, Meetings, Migration

Find out how Ichihara City boosted SharePoint adoption while ensuring organizational governance policies were met with DocAve and AvePoint Meetings.


Knowsley Council

Knowsley Council Restores Microsoft SharePoint Data 98% Faster and Prepares for Seamless 1.5 TB SharePoint 2013 Migration with DocAve

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Backup Services, Migration

Find out how Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council optimized SharePoint data protection, reducing item recovery time to less than five minutes.


Oasis Community Learning

Oasis Community Learning Accelerates Microsoft Office 365 - SharePoint Online Deployment by Seven Months with AvePoint Online Services

Platform and Products: SharePoint Online, AvePoint Online Services

Learn how Oasis Community Learning quickly deployed site collection templates, granularly recovered content at the item level, and saved on backup hardware costs.


Charlotte County

Charlotte County Government Eases Migration to Hybrid Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Environment and Simplifies Management with AvePoint

Platform and Products: SharePoint 2013, Compliance, Migration, Governance Automation, AvePoint Client Services

Find out how Charlotte County Government engaged AvePoint Client Services to successfully migrate its entire on-premises deployment to a new hybrid SharePoint 2013 environment.